Fix Your Phase

I’m not sure why I’m so into Tesseract right now. I think I found a live concert of theirs on YouTube and just got hooked. I tend to go through phases with different bands, and I’m stuck in the Tesseract phase right now — not a bad thing.

First, it was all about The Dillinger Escape Plan. That lasted from high school to about two years ago. It would not be a stretch to say I’ve listened to “Ire Works” all the way through probably over 50 times. “Option Paralysis” wasn’t the same, but it was still a great work of art.

Then, it was Animals as Leaders for about a year. “Animals as Leaders” and “The Joy of Motion” were spun hourly. Matt Garstka <3

After that, it was Periphery. I saw them at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD, the last time they were in town. That phase lasted until just recently, although I do need to revisit their older work.

Now, as mentioned, it’s on to Tesseract. Their drummer, Jay Postones, has such a unique style, and he’s unpredictable in a way the drummers of the other groups are not. He just released a playthrough video on of one of Tesseract’s new songs for their new album “Polaris.”

Jay wrote the post on as well, which is worth a read while you check out their latest groove.

I’ll absolutely be seeing them when they come to Baltimore Soundstage in December.

-Drummer Dave

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