Fall 2015 Awesomeness!

DCM here,

There are a ton of amazing things happening in the scene this Fall, so I figured I would pull together my list of musts for music lovers!

1.  The Wonder Years — No Closer To Heaven drops tomorrow!

The Wonder Years are one of my favorite rock bands in the scene right now, and they are only getting bigger. Over the course of their first set of releases, TWY steadily matured and surpassed each of their own plateaus. Their new album “No Closer To Heaven” promises to be their most refined release yet. I have been playing both of the two already-released singles non-stop, and their new material somehow pulls a little harder on the listener’s heart strings than anything they’ve done before. Definitely pick this album up!

2. Underoath’s Rebirth Tour

Last week, to everyone’s shock, Underoath announced that they are reuniting, including their original drummer and clean vocalist Aaron Gillespie, for their Rebirth Tour, in which they will play their debut and sophomore releases “They’re Only Chasing Safety” and “Define The Great Line” back to back — in their entirety. I haven’t been this excited for a tour since I was one of the lucky individuals to witness The Fall of Troy’s farewell tour.

Speaking of The Fall of Troy…

3. The Fall of Troy’s Adventour Time Tour

The Fall of Troy have also reunited and are currently on tour playing their debut (best, hehe) release in it’s entirety. Check out the tour poster:


4. Norma Jean’s O’God The Aftermath 10th Anniversary Tour

Lastly, Norma Jean (the godfathers of Metalcore) are also heading out on tour to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their sophomore release “O’God The Aftermath.” This is one of my favorite albums from the Georgian Metalcore outfit, and you won’t want to miss these awesome shows. Tour poster included:

Norma Jean

Click here for tickets and info

Did I miss anything awesome worth mentioning? Let us know down below!


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