New Gear Update

METAL! Well, steel, to be precise. Here’s a stock photo of the new snare I just snagged off of eBay. The used floor model I purchased was posted at such an attractive price, I just couldn’t pass it up. This 14” x 6.5” snare features a 2.5 mm cast steel shell, with Pearl’s top-of-the-line hardware. As we[…]

Everyone Fucks Up

Matt Garstka, when he’s not getting ratchet AF, plays drums for Animals as Leaders, and he’s probably my favorite drummer right now. I didn’t know who he was until probably just a year ago, but his name has been popping up everywhere lately, and drummers not living under a rock are likely starting to realize, as I have,[…]

Coming Soon: Save Data

Archetypes! We hope you’ve been enjoying Dusk, it has been great finally sharing it with the world! Today we’re very excited to announce that this coming week we will be releasing a second single off our upcoming album called Save Data! Because we’re so pumped about this song, we wanted to give you guys a[…]